Christian Convert Dies in an Eritrean Dungeon

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution


Eritrea is listed as the 11th most difficult place to be a Christian according to the Open Doors World Watch List. Around 1500 Christians are believed to be imprisoned, and many are held in inhumane conditions (such as the storage container pictured). We recently received the news that a brother who was imprisoned for two years has died. Would you take a moment to read his story and pray for his family?

Open Doors has learned about the death of another Christian in an Eritrean military camp. The young man named Adris Ali Mohammed (31), died on Tuesday, October 30, after two years imprisonment in the Aderset Military Camp. Adris, who spent the most part of his sentence in a suffocating dungeon, suffered from severe malaria but was denied medical treatment.

Adris Ali Mohammed was a Muslim convert from the town of Tesenai. Two years ago, after his conversion to Christianity became known to the Eritrean Police, he was arrested and taken to the Aderset Military Camp. According to a reliable source, Adris endured immeasurable pressure to give up his faith throughout his incarceration.

“He suffered harsh military punishment and faced countless death threats to give up his Christian belief. But he bravely met his death and went to the bosom of his Savior Jesus Christ in whom he stood firmly for eternal life. May his soul rest eternally!” the source, who cannot be named, commented.

Military officials secretly buried him outside the camp. It is not known how many family members he leaves behind.

Open Doors sources estimate that about 100 Christians are currently imprisoned for their Christian faith at the Aderset Military Camp situated in the western part of Eritrea.

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