Persecution in Qatar: Where Sharing Your Faith Is a Dangerous Activity

March 17, 2017 by Janelle P in Middle East

This tiny country along the Arabian Peninsula is home to the Al Jazeera news agency, well-developed with the lowest illiteracy rate in the Arab world, and in 2022, plans to be home to the World Cup. Qatar has a small indigenous population and there are actually more foreign workers than native Qataris.

In the mix of all of this are Christians, who face a great deal of persecution. Christian meetings of any kind are prohibited, except for migrant workers, and is therefore often done in secret.

If a Qatari converts to Christianity, there will be extreme pressure from families and peers. The following is a quote from a Qatari citizen sharing what would happen if someone becomes a Christian:

“If he’s 10 years old, his dad will show him verses from the Quran. If he’s 20 years old, a cousin will kill him or the family will hire someone else to kill him.”

Although Christians are called their share their faith in Jesus with others, Christian converts in Qatar often feel they cannot share without fearing for their own lives.

Christians in Qatar desperately seek community and to learn more about the Bible, although the secrecy of their faith makes this almost impossible, so please join us to pray. Please pray that this nation will be more open to other religions; their Islamic culture does not leave much room for other influences. Also, pray that many Qataris would be drawn to Christ, in whatever means God deems necessary.

Qatar is #20 on the World Watch List.