Christian teachers killed in Kenya—attack suspected as effort to eradicate believers

January 19, 2020 by Lindy Lowry in Uncategorized

Our field is reporting a violent attack in northeastern Kenya. Several gunmen stormed a primary school on January 13 and shot and killed three Christian teachers. They were young men: Caleb Mutangia Mutua (28), Titus Sasieka Mushindi luhya (29)and Samwel Mutua Kamba (29). A fourth, Joshua Mutua Kamba (30), sustained two bullet wounds to his lower legs.

Militants attacked the school around 2 a.m. local time in Kamuthe in Garrisa County near the Somali border, where Al Shabaab militants have notched up attacks in recent weeks.

Though Islamic extremist group al-Shabab has so far not claimed responsibility, the group is suspected to be behind the attack. Local sources tell Open Doors the motive is likely a continuation of efforts to rid the Muslim-dominated area bordering Somalia of its Christian presence. Christians who live or works in countries bordering Somalia are consistenly at risk for intimidation and attacks by al-Shabab.

The region was also attacked in 2015, when 148 people at Garissa University were killed by al-Shabab extremists. A year ago in January 2019, al-Shabab took responsibility for a 19-hour siege of a hotel in Nairobi and the killing of more than 10 people. The Islamic extremist group said it took the action because the U.S. President had declared Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel.

Learn about Christian persecution in Kenya.

The school has been closed, and all teachers along the border are being transferred immediately, according to a local official.

*Representative photo used for security reasons. 

Pray with believers in Kenya

  • Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in this coastal region who are on high alert once more.
  • Pray for comfort and hope for these men and their loved ones as they grieve.
  • Pray for wisdom for Kenya’s government as they work to ensure safety for all citizens who live in this area.
  • Pray that God’s children will find a way to share the hope they have in Christ with those around them.
  • Pray for His provision of courage and strength.
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