Christians in Egypt Cry Out: “We Will Go to Churches on Easter”

April 10, 2017 by Brian in

“I was holding my son’s hand… and he was saying, ‘Dad, I don’t want to die,’” one father shares.

“I was sitting in the front row,” a church member recalls, “and all of the sudden everything went dark… a few seconds later, I got up, and saw the bodies all around me.”

“The palms are full of blood,” says a woman, weeping outside the church building.

In two separate locations, Islamic extremists plotted out a carefully executed terror attack on Christians in Egypt. Using bombs, with no regard to women, children or human life in general, these terrorists sacrificed themselves to steal, kill and destroy. More than 40 dead and 100 injured.

Unspeakable, calculated evil.

But we know these horrific events, meant for evil, will not prevail.

As we start off Holy Week and move towards Resurrection Sunday, it’s important to show our brothers and sisters in Egypt that we’re standing with them.

We received this urgent message from one of our field officers on the ground in Egypt this morning.

“We love Egypt.

We will not leave Egypt.

We cast out the spirit of fear by the power of His love.

We will go to churches on Easter and beyond to worship the Name of Jesus.

We will spread out the light we were given by His grace, in every street, village, town and city.

We will keep praying for all Egyptians, especially for those dark minded, brainwashed and miss-led so that our Father may cleanse their minds and hearts.”

This short message captures the heart of many believers who face violent persecution in the Middle East. The Christian community in Egypt is brave and resilient, but they are hurting and need your encouragement.

Please continue to pray fervently for persecuted believers in Egypt. Pray that they are comforted in their loss. Pray that they would have the courage to gather together for Easter Sunday. Pray that any additional terror plots will be thwarted. Pray for the Name of Jesus to be joyfully glorified through His church in the midst of evil and darkness.

We’ll continue to share on-the-ground updates and specific prayer requests as we receive them from the field.

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