Christians in Eritrea- Faithful to the End

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


We received word that two Christian women have died during the course of last week in the Adersete Military Camp, Western Eritrea. Terhase Gebremichel Andu (28) and Ferewine Genzabu Kifly (21) were detained in a secret “dungeon”, which is used for religious prisoners. Usually these are storage containers like the picture above.

Terhase and Ferewine, both employees of a wholesale store, were arrested during a prayer meeting in 2009 at a private home in Tesenai. They faced two years of physical military torture, were denied medical care and ultimately died as a result of starvation and poor health.

Terhase Gebremichel Andu died on October 16 one week before Ferewine Genzabu Kifly. They were buried just outside the Military Camp.

Angesom Teklom Habtemichel (26), who served two years in Adi Nefase Military Camp, Asab, also recently died. He contracted severe malaria, but was denied medical treatment because of his written refusal to recant his Christian faith. He died end of August and was also buried outside the military camp.

They are the 19th, 20th and 21st Christians known to have died while serving time for their faith in one of Eritrea’s military detention centers.

Countless believers remain in prisons across Eritrea for their faith, enduring untold suffering. Pray for our faithful Lord to visit them as they walk this valley. Pray that the Lord will change the heart of the Eritrean president, Isayas Afewerki. Please pray for the Lord’s comfort for the families of the late Terhase, Ferewine and Angesom.


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