Why Help Christians In Syria And The Middle East?

September 19, 2013 by Open Doors in ,

Middle East “The Lord has been preparing the church for this day… it’s our time now to really do the work of the church.” -Pastor Edward, Damascus The Middle East has been flooding the headlines in recent weeks- with news of violence, protests and people being displaced. But one group seems to be neglected in all of this… Christians. Jihadists among the Syrian rebels have declared “war” on Christians by burning churches, destroying their homes, kidnapping and even killing Christians. Because of this specific targeted violence, Christians have been forced to flee their homes, and have been displaced within Syria and neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan. In Egypt, more than 200 Christian properties have been destroyed, and Christians have experienced a dramatic increase in hostility from some of their neighbors. Despite the violence and persecution, some Christians have chosen to stay in these countries! These Christians in the Middle East have felt God’s calling to stay to minister to their neighbors. One church in Syria had an amazing testimony: “We saw a man who looked like an extremist come into our church, as we were passing out relief aid,” shared one Christian. “We were worried that he might be dangerous, as he was shouting fanatical religious statements, which made many feel uneasy, so we had the church leaders keep an eye on him. We felt led to let him in, provide him with what he needed and invited him to listen to the sermon. After he heard the sermon, he gave his life to Christ!” Please give to help our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in areas like Syria and the critical parts of the Middle East, where extremists are targeting Christians. Your gifts will save lives- providing not only needed supplies, such as food and water, but also counseling, Biblical training and scriptures to Christians in the Middle East, who face violent persecution for being followers of Jesus. Without your help, thousands may go without and be forced to flee. Help the church stand strong in this region! Click Here To Give

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