Christina- Persecution as a Child

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

Four-year-old Cristina was on her way to church in Huixtan, México, with her parents and 13-year-old brother Emilio, when two men wearing hoods opened fire on the family. In the attack Cristina’s arm was severely injured by the bullets. Left for dead, Cristina lay pinned under her brother’s dead body. Unable to move she lay helpless for two hours until neighbors found her and rushed her to hospital. The doctors miraculously managed to save her arm… but the injury to her broken heart would take much longer to heal.

Cristina’s father, Sebastian, was found with ten bullet holes in his body. He had been beheaded by his killers. An elder in the local church, Sebastian was known as an exemplary, peaceful person in their community. Cristina’s mother Maria was also shot dead.

Cristina is doing much better since the June attack. The physical rehabilitation of her injured arm is complete, but she still cannot move her arm fully. In addition fears for her safety and that of her older brothers and sister, who were not present at the time of the killing, remain.

After hearing of little Cristina’s story Open Doors stepped in to help by supplying clothes and other daily needs as well as emotional support for her and her older brothers and sister.

On Sunday, November 13, is the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church (IDOP). Churches around the world will unite in prayer for their persecuted family and also raise support. You too can help by joining in prayer and by visiting the Open Doors website  and support a persecuted Christian today.


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