College Student Creates Project Inspired by Open Doors

December 7, 2017 by Sarah Cunningham in Connect With Us

One of the highlights of my work at Open Doors is hearing the unique ways supporters care for the persecuted church.

I can never hear too many stories of people like John, the 8-year-old boy who donated his birthday to Open Doors. Or Norm Pankop, a volunteer who began advocating for persecuted Christians at the age of 68. Or Scott Payne who learned, through hosting a prayer event, how difficult it can be to help the average American understand this cause.

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to another reader whose work made me smile.  Daphne Stoltzfus is a second year college student from Pennsylvania who is studying Graphics and Printing. Recently, Daphne reached out to me about one of her college assignments. The project required her to choose a real life cause and create media pieces for a hypothetical charity.

Daphne chose “the persecuted church” as her cause. And Open Doors was one of the main organizations she used in her research!

Daphne even sent me the graphics she created for her “fake charity” which were designed to raise awareness about the persecuted church, which I’ve included below.

“I was glad to create these pieces,” Daphne told me, “I believe it helped raise awareness just a little bit. During class critique, one of the students asked ‘Why do they go to prison?’ I told him ‘Because they’re Christian,’ and explained very briefly that it is illegal to be Christian in certain countries.”

Although Daphne is currently a college student, she sees how she might play a role in the work of Open Doors in the future as well.

“For now, I give what I can, but I don’t have a lot,” She shared, “Someday I hope to be able to regularly support ministries like Open Doors that help persecuted Christians around the world.”

As you look at the flyers Daphne created for her project, please consider sharing what you’re doing to support the persecuted church. Whether it be personal or small group prayer time or some unique and creative project, I’d love to hear from you too.

Open Doors counts all of our readers and supporters as partners in our ministry. And we couldn’t do this important work without you.

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