Continued Prayers Needed For Town Attacked In Kenya

June 17, 2014 by Open Doors in

Kenyan Family Please join with us in praying for the Christian-majority town of Mpekitoni in Kenya, which was brutally attacked on Sunday… On Sunday, gunmen attacked the Christian-majority town of Mpekitoni in Lamu county. After hijacking vehicles from the nearby town, they raided the Mpekitoni police station before attacking the town. Witnesses told media they could hear gunfire and had seen multiple bodies in the street. The attack sent locals fleeing into the forest. Local Open Doors staff says that two vans full of militia attacked the main police station, disabled communication, took guns, overran the police and then moved on into the town shooting and killing all they found walking around. “They torched building, including banks, hotels and gas stations,” shares an Open Doors staff member. “They then went to nearby homes, and pulled out men and killed them. They left the women and children unharmed, but burned down their houses.” The attack began at 8:30, and lasted about five hours. Open Doors contacts in Mpekitoni spent the night in the Bush, but were in touch with local staff throughout the night. Almost all Christians fled into the surrounding forests, and spent the night there with their families. Pastors now have to see if all their members are accounted for. The Open Doors contacts say many are traumatized. The Mpeketoni population is about 90% Christian, surrounded by various Somali ethnic (Muslim) communities, such as the Orma and Borana. Kenya ranks 43rd on the Open Doors World Watch List of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most persecution. To learn more about what life is like for Christians in Kenya, click here. (

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