A desperate call in India caught on tape

May 20, 2020 by Robert Kenna in Stories of Persecution

There are phone calls you will never forget.

As we’ve been sharing, during the coronavirus crisis, the need for many persecuted Christians across India is enormous.

Christians who are day laborers or under the poverty line are fighting for survival during the lockdown. So many believers have no way to provide food for their families—and many are left out of government relief efforts because of their faith in Jesus.

Usha*, a young Christian mother, is one of those believers who’s desperate to feed her children. A few weeks ago, no one had delivered aid to her village—and she had nowhere to turn for help.

Listen to the recorded call.

After receiving this call, our partners in the field rushed Usha an emergency food kit that helped her and her family for several weeks.

In total, we’ve been able to deliver more than 20,000 emergency food kits to Christians like Usha in Asia alone.

That means 20,000 Christian families will NOT go hungry during this global crisis, and Christians like Usha can feed their families and avoid starvation.

Usha and other Christians in her small village.

Usha and other Christians in her small village.

But now, the need to rush emergency food kits is even greater—some families have been waiting on relief for days or weeks. Our teams in the field let us know that we need to serve at least another 50,000 Christians with food survival kits.

What’s in a food kit? Critical staples like flour, rice, tea, cooking oil, salt, potatoes, soap, masks and sanitizer.

Will you help rush a food kit to a persecuted believer today?

Right now, we’re walking alongside Usha and her family to help them survive. One of our partners recently took this short video during his last visit to her village.

Take a minute and let the need sink in. And join us in thanking God for His provision—both for us and for believers like Usha.

Watch the video—and visit Usha’s small village.

Usha is desperate but faithful. She represents the many Christians who are in the midst of extreme crisis during this global pandemic.

This is a critical moment in history for the global Church. What we choose to do today will ripple through eternity.

Continue to pray for Usha and millions of other persecuted Christians in India, who are often neglected in aid distribution.

And please, send an emergency food kit today—and let them know they’re not alone.

*Representative name used for security.

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