Four Years After Mass Beheadings, Families of 21 Martyrs Share Hope of Heaven

Lindy Lowry - Feb 15, 2019

Four Years After Mass Beheadings, Families of 21 Martyrs Share Hope of Heaven

Families of the 21 Coptic Christians martyred off the coast of Libya say their faith has grown.

Lindy Lowry - Feb 13, 2019

Wife of Abducted Pastor Raymond Koh: ‘God Will Turn Evil Plans for Good’

On the eve of the two-year anniversary of the abduction of Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh, Susanna Koh reflected on her journey.

Lindy Lowry - Feb 12, 2019

Modern-Day Paul: ‘I Planned to Kill Him; Now I’m Prepared to Die for Jesus’

If the rumor of Mohammed’s conversion was true, Mostafa knew he would have to kill his cousin to avenge his family’s honor.

Lindy Lowry - Feb 07, 2019

Naked, Shaved and Stripped of Her Name—Life in a North Korean Prison

Known as “Prisoner 42,” in a North Korean prison camp, this believer chronicles her difficult journey and how God stayed with her through so much brutality.

Lindy Lowry - Feb 04, 2019

Chinese Church Leaders Vow: ‘When One Is Arrested, Another Will Pick Up the Work’

Chinese church leaders say they are more determined than ever to see Christians stand strong for Christ.

Lindy Lowry - Jan 29, 2019

Asia Bibi Freed and Cleared to Leave Pakistan

Pakistan’s Supreme Court upheld its decision to acquit Christian mother Asia Bibi–freeing her to leave her home country.

Lindy Lowry - Jan 27, 2019

India Cracks Top 10–Why the Country Has ‘No Room’ for Christians

The world’s second most populous country is now the 10th most dangerous country for Christians.

Lindy Lowry - Jan 26, 2019

10 Prayers for the Secret Church in Afghanistan

What and how do we pray for secret believers in a country that almost tied North Korea for the No. 1 spot on the 2019 World Watch List?

Sydney Bennett - Jan 24, 2019

5 Ways to Pray Over the World Watch List

Here’s 5 ways to pray over the World Watch List and connect with the millions of believers around the world the list represents.

Christopher Summers - Jan 22, 2019

5 Things to Know About China’s Big Jump on the 2019 World Watch List

What has changed in the last year that has led to such a leap in pressure and oppression for followers of Jesus in China?