95 Christians killed in Mali attack—‘No one was spared’

Lindy Lowry - Jul 18, 2019

V.P. Pence pledges U.S. support for North Korean Christians

Vice President Mike Pence shares research from Open Doors’ World Watch List and spoke about the brutal persecution of Christians around the world.

U.S. president trump meets Esther, a persecuted Christian from Nigeria

Lindy Lowry - Jul 18, 2019

‘I escaped from Boko Haram’: Nigerian believer Esther tells her story to U.S. President Trump

A handful of persecuted believers met with President Trump, including Esther from Nigeria, a former captive of Boko Haram.

Lindy Lowry - Jul 15, 2019

This 19 year old is the future of the church in Iran

Convicted of being part of a house church in Tehran, this young woman is standing up for Christians in Iran, especially converts.

Isaac Six - Jul 11, 2019

Just Another Day in Washington?

Open Doors CEO David Curry was asked to share testimony and make recommendations for U.S. policy in the global fight against persecution.

Lindy Lowry - Jul 11, 2019

All 4 wore crosses—new Burkina Faso attack leaves believers dead

A new Burkina Faso attack targets Christians and leaves four dead. Since February, 27 believers have been killed in the country’s north.

Lindy Lowry - Jul 11, 2019

Inside Boko Haram kidnappings: How one woman endured–and forgave

In the midst of her tears, Esther, a former captive of Boko Haram, has found hope in God’s promises and a baby named Rebecca.

Al Janssen - Jul 10, 2019

Brother Andrew’s 4 thoughts on spiritual warfare might change your life

Brother Andrew: Have we forgotten why we were born and what we were trained and equipped to do?

Lindy Lowry - Jul 10, 2019

11 of the top persecutors around the world today

Christian persecution is on the rise, and these are some of the worst offenders and persecutors of Christians around the world.

Lindy Lowry - Jul 06, 2019

Church under siege in Congo—terrorist group pledges allegiance to ISIS

In the DRC, Christians are under attack as the rebel group ADF pledges allegiance to ISIS and targets the church.

Robert Kenna - Jul 03, 2019

7 Vacation Paradises That Are No Holiday for Christians

In some of the most beautiful vacation places in the world—Christians struggle daily with persecution.