Hidden Wounds—Christians Say Rape Is ‘Common’ Persecution Method Against Women

Lindy Lowry - May 24, 2019

‘Your prayers saved my life!’—Somali Believer Escapes Death

Somali believer Ayaan shares how she escaped death in the Horn of Africa. She’s praying to be a missionary to her people.

Lindy Lowry - May 23, 2019

Praise Report: Special Task Force to Investigate Pastor Raymond Koh’s Abduction

For Susanna Koh, the appointment of a special task force to investigate the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh is an answer to prayer.

Christopher Summers - May 23, 2019

Why Indian leader Modi’s Big Win is an ‘Absolute Tragedy’ for Christians

What does Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s landslide victory mean for Christians?

Lindy Lowry - May 22, 2019

Urgent Prayer: Pastor, 16 Church Members Kidnapped in Nigeria

A pastor and 16 church members have been kidnapped in Nigeria. Attackers surrounded the church during a choir practice.

Al Janssen - May 22, 2019

A Good Time to Pray

How can we make our news watching a regular time of prayer for our brothers and sisters?

Lindy Lowry - May 21, 2019

In Africa, Christians Are in the Flames of Persecution—and On Fire for Jesus

Throughout sub-Saharan Africa, Christians are being held, feet to the flames, and told to deny Christ.

Lindy Lowry - May 15, 2019

New Attack in Burkina Faso—Christians in Hiding, Schools and Churches Closed

A day after militants ambushed a church and killed six, another attack in Burkina Faso targeting Christians has left four dead and area Christians in a a state of panic.

Al Janssen - May 15, 2019

A Sense of Humor

A look at the lighter side and morning prayer of God’s Smuggler.

Lindy Lowry - May 14, 2019

They Had Just Gathered for Worship—Another Church Attack Kills 6 in Burkina Faso

Another church in Burkina Faso has left six Christians dead, including the church’s young leader.

Lindy Lowry - May 11, 2019

‘You Are God’s Child’—Mother in North Korea Reveals 30 Years of Secrets

In North Korea, Lee Joo-Chan’s mother waited 30 years to finally reveal to him the family secret.