Finding Healing in Nigeria: ‘For the first time since the attacks, she sang and danced’

Lindy Lowry - Jun 20, 2019

Why Christians in Burkina Faso are in ‘a fight for survival’

Since February, 23 Christians in Burkina Faso have died in targeted attacks against the church.

Isaac Six - Jun 19, 2019

Enough is enough: Time to change the conversation in Washington

“This conversation begins and ends with nuclear weapons.” The words hung in the air for a few moments as the audience—a mix of government officials, activists, and survivors of religious persecution—absorbed the statement. The event on Capitol Hill, hosted by International Christian Concern, focused on the plight of Christians in Iran. Open Doors USA had […]

Al Janssen - Jun 18, 2019

Real Heroes

A conversation with Brother Andrew about the people God uses reveals today’s heroes of the faith.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 18, 2019

Night of 1 million miracles–pray with Christians waiting for first Bible

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it” (Matt. 13:45-46). #ProjectPearl is one of the largest and riskiest operations Open Doors has ever undertaken. The mission: to deliver 1 million Bibles to […]

Lindy Lowry - Jun 17, 2019

Finding Healing in Nigeria: ‘For the first time since the attacks, she sang and danced’

A new trauma center is bringing healing in Nigeria to believers traumatized after attacks on their villages.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 16, 2019

‘I want to hold on to Jesus’— after husband’s stabbing, mother in India finds surprising strength

After losing her husband and the support of her family, this new widow and mother of two is the epitome of walking in faith.

Al Janssen - Jun 13, 2019

Making Eye Contact With God

A day spent praying with persecuted believers and Brother Andrew reminds us that we are truly one body and one family.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 12, 2019

Your faith or your children–father faces impossible choice in North Africa

In North Africa, Ibrahim met Jesus. The husband and father of two has paid a high price for telling his family about his newfound faith.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 11, 2019

‘Leave or Be Killed’—Boko Haram Issues Warning to Christians in Niger

The Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has issued a deadly warning to Christians in Niger in the Diffa region.

Lindy Lowry - Jun 06, 2019

50+ Tied Up, Executed in Central African Republic Massacres

An armed attack in the northwestern Central African Republic (CAR) left more than 50 residents dead and many more wounded.