Couple in Indonesia Continues Ministry With Your Help

December 4, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

Indonesia*Representative photo used to protect identity. Agus* and Tina* started a ministry among Muslims in 2009. The couple started to share the good news to their Muslim neighbors, and began opening up their home to allow Muslim background believers to meet every Thursday night. The couple decided to visit Muslim HIV patients in a public hospital in Malang, East Java every day. Agus and Tina gave them food and medicines. Muslim HIV patients in Indonesia were often excluded from their families and communities. The couple realized that they needed to grow their side business of selling eggs to support their ministry expenses. However, many traditional churches were hesitant to support such a ministry out of fear. In 2012, Agus and Tina were invited to come to a gathering of Christian workers in East Java, that Open Doors had organized. There, they learned about our livelihood project that supports fieldworkers who reach out to Muslims. They decided to submit a proposal for a one year loan. It was approved! For a year, the couple fulfilled their commitment to pay off their loan. Meanwhile, their ministry grew larger. They continued providing food and medicine to Muslim HIV patients, and asked a local school to send some of their students to help them in their ministry. Many of the patients accepted Isa (Jesus). One family decided to accept Isa and be baptized in His name after witnessing how the couple’s ministry cared for their son who was an HIV patient. “Thank you Open Doors,” said Agus. “We can help more patients and share the good news with more Muslim HIV patients. The loan increased our profits, and we are able to buy more food and medicine. Once again, we thank the Lord for His help through Open Doors’ ministry.” Since 2009, Open Doors has helped many through the livelihood loan project. Through the loans, independent Christian workers, like Agus and Tina, can continue their ministry to Muslims without having to worry about resources. More importantly, they are encouraged to reach more people for Jesus Christ. Prayer Points: