This Dangerous Book: An Interview with Steve and Jackie Green

November 27, 2017 by Brian in

As a part of the Open Doors community, you already know that the Bible is a dangerous book. Every day we share stories of Christians who risk their lives to read, share and live out the message of the Bible.

In fact, Open Doors was founded on the risk-taking, Bible-smuggling missions of Brother Andrew. And today, we continue that mission—taking the life-changing Word of God into risky places where faith costs the most.

That said, we love to partner with like-minded believers who share our passion for the life-changing Word of God.

Recently, we sat down with Steve and Jackie Green, the founders of the Museum of the Bible and co-authors of This Dangerous Book—a newly released book about how the Bible has shaped our world and why it still matters today.

In this new release, the Greens share the stories and challenges they encountered in acquiring biblical artifacts from around the world. They also share why generations—throughout time, history and geographic locations—have risked their lives to preserve the words in this priceless book.

In our conversation with Steve and Jackie, we discuss the dangerous history of the Bible and the launch of the new Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.—the largest international museum in the world devoted solely to the presentation of the history, narrative and impact of the Bible.

We invite you to listen to the conversation below and share it with others.

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Steve Green is President of Hobby Lobby, the largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer in the world. He and his wife, Jackie, are a founding family of The Museum of the Bible. 

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