Deep in Saudia Arabia, Noora Must Hide Her Faith—Even From Her Family

July 10, 2017 by Open Doors in

Christians are able to come together, some for the first time ever, thanks to your faithfulness!

Noora is at home with her family now. Any mention of the name of Jesus could be dangerous. As a young secret believer in Saudi Arabia, Noora plays the part of a Muslim in public and around her family, but in private her heart is fully devoted to Jesus.

But Noora has to watch her steps carefully. If her faith is exposed, her husband could divorce her, her children could be taken and her life would be at risk.

In Saudi Arabia, Christian converts risk fierce persecution from family, society and government—and they have to live out their new faith in deepest secrecy.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world without any church buildings. The government— and society in general—strive to make this a completely Islamic country, especially since it is home to Mecca, where thousands of Muslims pilgrimage each year.

Noora sneaks out from the watchful eye of her family to attend a small underground church.

This little gathering is life to her. Through it, Noora finds encouragement from others in similar situations and receives vital biblical training on how to stand firm in the face of persecution.

Secret believers like Noora often feel isolated and alone…and some have never been in contact with another Christian.

But thanks to your gifts, you are making a way for Christians like Noora to not only connect with other believers in the region, but to receive training and discipleship to stand strong in the face of persecution and isolation.

“It can sometimes be very lonely being in ministry in an area like mine,” shared one believer. “We have limits on where and how often we can meet.”

Through your support, Christians from the region are able to join together for a time of worship, teaching, training and, most importantly, communion.

And YOU are making this possible. When you make a monthly commitment, your faithfulness allows us to deliver Bibles, Christian literature and on-the-ground training sessions with secret believers…even in some of the most challenging places like Saudi Arabia.

For Noora, and other secret believers like her, finding a small band of believers—and receiving the proper train­ing—could make all the difference.

“This program has brought me so much encouragement and courage to continue in my ministry,” shared another Christian. “Thank you so much for providing this for us!”

Your gifts are truly changing lives and restoring Christian communities in some of the most challenging regions of the world. Thank you for your faithfulness!

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