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February 18, 2016 by Kate Yates in ,

Once again, I have the opportunity to share with you about how students are encountering the persecuted church in their everyday lives. Here is a story from our friend Lauren:

“My name is Lauren, and I currently study at Liberty University as a graphic design major. I first heard about Open Doors and the persecuted church in the spring of 2015. A classmate did a speech on the topic of persecution. In his speech he told the story of a persecuted woman, and suddenly I felt an urgency to do something.

I met with him after class to hear more about persecution and the work of Open Doors. Through our conversation I discovered there was a group at Liberty that met every Friday night to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

This group began through Open Doors Fortify, a program designed to spread the message of the persecuted church on college campuses. He told me he was one of the first members in this group of Connectors. As we talked, I was surprised to hear the group was in desperate need of an artist, and he was surprised to hear I am a graphic design major.

The pieces came together, and I found a way to use my skills to serve persecuted Christians. My desire to do something has dramatically increased. Over the course of the semester I became increasingly involved with the Fortify Connectors – even taking a leadership role!

I am constantly praying for this partnership with Open Doors Fortify. I truly believe God ordained this opportunity for me. To be more transparent, I don’t even have to do graphic design – I just want to be challenged by the persecuted church, whether that includes my artistic abilities or not. I pray God will continue encouraging me in this path because it is easy to lose sight; I want to do something! I want to make a difference! I have so much confidence in Open Doors and my involvement with it. I trust that God is in the works of doing something amazing.”

This is the beauty of telling the story of persecuted Christians! I have the opportunity to see college students “get it” when they learn just how big and how deeply connected is the Body of Christ.

Today you have the opportunity to become a Connector through Open Doors Fortify, just like Lauren and the other students at Liberty University. As a Connector, you will have access to exclusive information and be equipped to tell the story of the persecuted church right where you are. Partner with Fortify and allow your life to be radically altered through serving God’s persecuted people.

*If you are interested in learning more about Open Doors Fortify and becoming a Connector, email Kate at [email protected].

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