Despite jail, attacks—missionary brothers keep going for the gospel

July 20, 2022 by Noah Cassetto in Asia

As missionaries in Vietnam, Liêm and Hao knew what they had signed up for. Years of witnessing to Vietnam’s tribal peoples had familiarized them with the risks that come with proclaiming Christ around the country, including the risk of imprisonment.

But preparation didn’t make attack and imprisonment any less difficult. Recently, the brothers shared about a string of several incidents they’ve faced. 

“While we were teaching believers, the local police came and arrested us. We were beaten and detained for two days,” Liêm recalls. Before even being brought in for questioning, the missionaries were attacked repeatedly.  

After the interrogation, the brothers returned home only to be arrested again. This time, their time in jail was longer. 

“We stayed there for two days, they did not give us food or water to drink, and they forced us to write a pledge saying we will no longer go on missions,” Hao reported. 

Liêm also added that the local authorities have confiscated their Bibles, mobile phones and a laptop. They didn’t receive the proper papers to claim their confiscated property. As the brothers were on their way out of the prison, the police warned them that their challenges would not end when they returned home. 

“They informed us that we will be monitored and that the benefits we receive from the government such as health care, agricultural assistance, school fees of our children and other subsidies from the government will be cut,” Liêm said. To date, Liêm and Hao no longer receive the government benefits provided for the poor. 

Despite continued threats, and the understanding that another raid could come at any given time, Liêm and Hao’s heart for their Hmong tribe and love for Christ keeps them going, resolved to follow Him and continue in their ministry. 

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Join us in praying for Liêm and Hao, that their ministry would prosper despite government resistance and restrictions. Pray that the Lord would keep their faith strong and their minds determined as they witness to our Vietnamese brothers and sisters. Let’s boldly ask God to keep adding to their ministry and to grow their harvest.