Did You Know- Afghanistan Edition

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


When I hear about the nation of Afghanistan, it is usually in regards to the war. I knew little about this country outside of this, but have come to discover that this country has a rich history and culture. Did you know:

    • Afghanistan is the 41st largest nation in the world
    • The Pashtun and Tajiks are the major ethnic groups of Afghanistan
    • The first newspaper in Afghanistan was published in 1906
    • Though soccer is the most popular sport in Afghanistan, cricket is gaining popularity
    • Poetry plays a major role in the Afghan culture
    • Winters are very cold (average of 5 °F) and Summers are very hot (average of 95°F) in Afghanistan

All Afghan Christians come from a Muslim background. Believers who are discovered face discrimination from family and community, Muslim clergy and local authorities. The government treats converts in a hostile manner, using any means possible to make them recant. The tiny Christian minority cannot meet in public; meetings in private homes are possible, but require great caution. Not a single official church building remains, not even for expatriate believers. In February, an Afghan Christian was released after spending nearly nine months in prison on charges of apostasy.

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