Did You Know- Algeria Edition

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

The Battle of Algiers is a film which depicts the Algerian War against the French government from 1954-1962. The film delivers an interesting perspective on Algerian history, but there is much more to this country today. Did you know:

  • Algeria is the 10th largest country in the world
  • Most Algerians are ethnic Berbers, not Arabs
  • Algeria has 46 universities, 10 colleges, and 7 institutes for higher education
  • Apuleius was an author from what is now modern day Algeria who is noted for writing the only Latin novel to survive in its entirety
  • Algerian cuisine varies from one region to another, according to seasonal vegetables.
  • Raï is a pop-flavored version of Algerian folk music

Protests against the regime in January 2011 left five dead and over 800 injured, but the government remains in control. The church, mostly first-generation believers from a Muslim background, faces many forms of discrimination. There were reports of churches being ordered to close and Christians arrested. A restrictive religious law makes evangelism risky and effectively outlaws house churches. In May, a Christian convert was sentenced to five years in prison for giving a Christian CD to a neighbor.


*photo: wikipedia

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