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Did You Know- Chechnya Edition

June 2, 2012 by Open Doors in


Part of Russia, many are surprised that Chechnya is on the World Watch List today. Did you know:

·         Since 1990 there have many conflicts with separatists and pro-Russian authorities

·         Tourism has been on the rise since 2007. At the end of the Cold War tourism decreased significantly.

·         Chechens and Russian make up the majority of the population 

·         Celebration of nature is a prominent part of Chechen society

·         Sheikh Mansur  was a Chechen leader who led the resistance against Catherine the Great’s imperialist expansion

·         Many Chechens speak Turkish

Still formally a part of the Russian Federation, Chechnya remains one of the most difficult places for Christians in Russia. Persecution is political as well as religious, since Christianity is associated with Russia, with whom they had civil war. The influence of Islam is growing; all indigenous Christians are seen as traitors to the Islamic society and suffer greatly from government oppression. Conversion is a great disgrace to the family and brings the risk of ‘honor killings’. Fellowship and public confession of faith is almost impossible.



2 responses to “Did You Know- Chechnya Edition”

  1. Kristin this needs a major strategic focus and I would suggest that Open Doors globally think seriously about asking churches around the world to stand #WithSyria ‘s children this Christmas. Would be a great and worthy focus…
    Well done you for bringing this story to our attention. Andrew

  2. I do agree on that kind of plan especially that their place is not yet at totally in order. Thus, there might be a war that will just occur and it is not a good thing for their educational system.

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