Did You Know- Egypt Edition

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


From King Tut, to the Great Pyramids and the Nile, Egypt is a country which has imbedded itself into historical and modern culture. Did You Know:
·         Egypt has gone through five different flags since 1922
·         Cairo is Africa’s largest city
·         Egypt’s music is influenced by indigenous, Mediterranean, African and Western elements
·         Egypt has been a part the Olympics since 1912
·         The first Egyptian novel was published in 1913
·         The Suez Canal Bridge of Egypt connects the continents of Africa and Asia?
Since the revolution of January 2011, levels of violence against Christians have increased. Salafi Muslim attacks on churches led to the massacre at Maspero where the military did nothing to protect Christians and even participated in the killings. In rural areas, Copts are constantly terrorized, while security forces turn a blind eye; CopticMembers of an ethnic religious group from North Africa but primarily Egypt, where they are the largest Christian denomination in the country. girls are abducted and forced into Islamic marriages. Support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists is growing, but the army still retains power.


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