Did You Know- North Korea Edition

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


North Korea- the country that has held the top spot on the World Watch List for ten years in a row. There is little known about this isolated country…we know that the human rights violations are plentiful and that freedoms are few. However, North Korea does have a unique culture. Did you know:

  • The Mass games are the main cultural performances in North Korea
  • North Korea’s closest allies are Russia and China
  • All tourists in North Korea are given at least one guide to accompany them during their entire stay.
  • The first North Korean internet café opened in 2002, but most citizens only have access to the censored intranet provided by the government
  • The martial arts Taekwondo originated in Korea
  • The Great Leader’s (Kim Il-Sung) birthday is the most important holiday in North Korea

Still the most hostile country in which to live and practice the Christian faith, there are reports of many Christians arrested, with at least 25 percent of Christians believed to be languishing in labor camps for their refusal to worship founder Kim Il-Sung’s cult. Half the population lives in the north, close to China, where family-based networks of house churches exist in significant numbers. Roughly ten million inhabitants are malnourished, with thousands eating only grass and bark.


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