Did you know? Pakistan Edition

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

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Have you ever wondered what life is like in some of the countries on the World Watch List?

This week we will be focusing on the 10th country on the World Watch List: Pakistan.

The name Pakistan means ‘Land of the Pure’. Pakistan has a 650 mile coastline along the Arabian Sea and is surrounded by Afghanistan, China, India and Iran. Punjabi is the main language of Pakistan.

The Ruhab is a guitar-like instrument played in traditional Pakistani music. Most food is cooked in the tandoor (a clay based oven) and black tea (with milk and sugar) is consumed by most of the population on a daily basis.

According to the constitution of Pakistan, it is the state’s responsibility to provide free primary education, however less than half the population is literate.

Christians are a minority constantly under attack. They are often caught between Islamic militant organizations (that routinely target them for violence) and an Islamic culture that discriminates against them. Church leaders often receive beatings and death threats. Damage to church property occurs on a monthly basis. Christians often feel ostracized and cannot rely on government or the military to protect them. The killing in March 2011 of Christian Cabinet Minister, Shahbaz Bhatti, was ‘one of the most demoralizing acts for us of recent years’, according to a church leader in Karachi.

In the ‘Land of the Pure,’ there is a great deal of violence and Christians are often on the receiving end. Thank you for joining with us in prayer for the nation of Pakistan.


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