Did You Know- Somalia Edition

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


Modern day pirates. Kidnappings. Unrest. This is usually what we hear in association with the country of Somalia, but there is much more to this country. Did you know:

    • There has been no central government in Somalia since the civil war in 1991
    • Somali and Arabic are the official languages of Somalia. English and Italian are noted as secondary languages.
    • While Somali food is diverse, Somali abstain from pork, alcohol and anything that died on its own, in accordance to Islamic law.
    • Somali music incorporates 5 notes per octave (unlike Western music which has seven notes per octave)
    • Many famous Somali pieces of poetry and literature are influenced by Islam.
    • Ancient pyramid structures (similar to pyramids in Egypt) can be found in Somalia.

No one is expected to be a Christian in Somalia, so there is no organized church. Muslim converts exist as individual secret believers, and can only know a few others to make a small underground group. The largest known group is composed of five believers. For parents, it is dangerous to raise their children as Christians for fear of being discovered and executed. In September 2011, Islamic militants from al-Shabaab beheaded a 17-year-old Somali Christian near Mogadishu.

This is a country that is in great need of our prayers. Thank you so much for joining us in prayer this week for the nation of Somalia.

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