Did You Know Sudan Edition

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

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In July of 2011, South Sudan succeeded from the North, becoming the newest nation on earth. Though the newer part of the nation is not even a year old yet, there is a great deal of history. Did you know:

    • Sudan was original the Kingdom of Kush. The wife of Moses was a Kushite
    • Sudan has 597 tribes that speak over 400 different languages and dialects
    • The official languages of Sudan are Arabic and English
    • The Sudanese Pound  (SDG) is the national currency
    • Track & field and soccer are the most popular sports in Sudan
    • About half of the children in Sudan go to school

Religious freedom is severely restricted by government and society. Islamic groups, wanting to form an Islamic state, persecute the church. Conversion is not recognized: believers from a Muslim background are treated as if they are Muslims. Following South Sudan’s secession from the north in July 2011, the President asserted that Sudan’s constitution would be based on Sharia (Islamic law). Many believers have since left the country. The possibility of war between Sudan and South Sudan is a concern for Christians – warfare can easily cover up acts of religious persecution.

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