Did you know? Yemen Edition

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution
Yemen is a country along the Arabian Peninsula that has been loosely associated with the “Arab Spring.” However there is much more to this country- did you know:
Yemen comes from the word yamin, which means “on the right side”, (the south is on the right side when facing the sunrise).
Arabic is the main language of Yemen, but more and more people in the major cities speak English.
The government of Yemen is attempting to reduce the illiteracy rate to less than 10% by the year 2025.
Camel jumping is popular among the Zaraniq tribe on the west coast of Yemen. Camels are placed side to side and athletes jump from a running start.
The Yemeni film industry is just starting up. Since 2008, only two Yemeni films have been released.
When Christ was born, camel caravans from Yemen carried up to 3,000 tons of frankincense each year to Greece and Rome.
The major exports of Yemen are crude oil, coffee and fish.
Islam is the state religion and source of legislation. The few hundred Christians from a Muslim background meet secretly as they face persecution from authorities, family and extremist Islamic groups. In the north, no church buildings are allowed. There is some religious freedom for foreigners, but evangelism is prohibited. There are four official churches in Aden for the several thousands of Christian expats and refugees living in the country, but large numbers have left as a result of the Arab Spring riots.