A Doctor Learns About Persecution in Mexico

November 22, 2013 by Open Doors in ,

Mexico *Representative photo used to protect identity. A young volunteer doctor who joined Open Doors Mexico’s latest medical brigade in July felt indignation and was surprised to learn about persecution for the first time. In Chiapas, Mexico, religious persecution has historically been a norm. Harassment, evictions, and property damage are often occurrences, unfortunately. He later blogged about his experience: “Last week, several brothers and sisters and I had the opportunity to be in Chiapas in several rural communities as part of a caravan providing medical, nursing, dentistry and optometry to these communities. What I found was surprising and shocked me deeply, because I did not know exactly what to expect. While we treated both Christians and non-believers, the focus was to provide support to refugee believers from these various communities in Chiapas. I had heard, probably like most of you, about the persecution of Christians living in Chiapas, but had never really grasped the magnitude of the situation. I unconsciously assumed that surely these “stories” I had heard were references to the past, many years ago, and that today there would be no such religious intolerance in Mexico, in the 21st century… Last week I realized how wrong I was. The actual situations I witnessed are real- not romantic legends of contemporary Christianity. These events have been taking place for the past several years, and are still happening today. The persecution suffered by the rural churches in Chiapas is often ignored. I found traces of man’s eternal selfishness; even the man who calls himself a believer! We can claim whatever we want, but our real attitude about the persecution is, “What does not happen to me is fine, and God will help others in need”. This is the same attitude many have towards those who have never heard the gospel in the 10/ 40 window. For example, some say, “Someone else will go and preach in that part of the world.” We cannot continue with this indifference; indifference is simply a lack of love, and as Christians we are called to love. We must be consistent with what we say we believe. We need to change our attitude; God wants to change us, so let’s allow Him! Let’s begin to get involved in this situation- Why don’t we start with praying for them? I thank God I was able to participate in the caravan of which I shared with you. Do you think you have nothing to offer? God wants to use you in mighty ways, if you’ll let Him. Let’s get to work, and take the actions we must take every day. May God bless and help us fulfill the purpose for which keeps us alive.

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