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October 8, 2014 by Open Doors in

The Open Doors Accountability Report

Thanks to faithful friends like you, Open Doors is on the ground in over 60 countries, serving Christians who are persecuted for their faith. We work in three main areas: Bible & Gospel Development, Women & Children Advancement and Christian Community Restoration. Here are some of the ways we were able to use your donations this month:

Bible & Gospel Development


Photo: Christians in Syria receiving Christian books- thanks to your support The war in Syria has raged on for nearly 4 years. Many Christians have lost everything, yet they decide to stay, as they know they are called to shine the light of Christ to their fellow Syrians. Open Doors is working with local churches to provide Bibles, training for Christians leaders and other needed items, equipping these believers to share the gospel message with their neighbors. “The training was refreshing for the participants, and they went back with new strength and enthusiasm to serve the Lord and minister to their people,” shared one pastor in Aleppo.

Women & Children Advancement


Photo: A woman praying in Central Asia In Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, it is often that the wife comes to faith first, and is usually abused by her husband because her conversion. Through several literature projects, Open Doors has been able to strengthen and encourage these women, thanks to your faithful support! Usually, Open Doors distributes non-fiction books about God and living a Christian life. However, because there is so few pieces of Christian literature available in Central Asia’s Muslim countries, sometimes (upon request) we also provide fiction titles to the oppressed Christians in these countries. These books can have surprising results. “One of the Christians we know in Kazakhstan had been praying for her friend for quite some time,” an Open Doors fieldworker explains. “This friend was a non-Christian and had a difficult childhood.” The Christian woman shared these books with her friend and was amazed by the impact. “Those books created in her a longing to belong to Jesus,” says the Open Doors worker. “Her friend led her to Him. The prayers and this book series were instrumental in her journey to faith.”

Christian Community Restoration

Open Doors has been partnering with several churches in Iraq and surrounding countries to help Christians who are being targeted for their faith. The Chaldean Church in Erbil is one of those churches. “We have set up small swimming pools for the children and have a schedule of daily activities for the adults,” shares Pastor Douglas.

“We do this to keep the people busy; we do not want there to be any time to worry. We want to make the people here feel welcome, and to provide a sense that this is just their home for a short period of time. We do not want to call it a refugee camp for this reason.”

Pastor Douglas shows that persecuted Christians do not need just their physical needs met, but are in need of emotional and spiritual support, as well.

That is why Open Doors works with Christian leaders like Pastor Douglas to provide for every need of these persecuted Christians in Iraq, Syria and surrounding countries affected by ISIS and other extremist groups targeting Christians. Through providing refugee care, Bibles, Christian training, trauma counseling and other resources, we aim to meet all of their needs- not just their physical needs.

Thanks to your support- we are able to do this! If you haven’t already, Join with us in meeting ALL of these believers needs

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