Your Donations At Work- Literacy in South East Asia

August 9, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

Class Can you imagine not being able to read? So much of our modern world is dependent on us being able to read. If you were illiterate, you would not be able to do basic things such as: pursue higher education, easily find work, or even read this blog. Most importantly, you would not be able to read God’s Word. Over the past 15 years, Open Doors has been striving to expand our literacy training program in Southeast Asia (specifically in Vietnam). The generous donations that are given to Open Doors every year help make these greatly-needed programs, like literacy training, a reality. This timeline explains a bit more of our work over the years: timeline Some of the students who are enrolled in these programs come from very poor backgrounds, and do not even have enough money to bring simple school supplies with them. Because the students are lacking the very items that will help them learn and succeed, (and to get the students excited about learning), we supply them with these school supplies: supplies When you give to literacy projects, you change the lives of Christians who may have not had access to good jobs, higher education, or the ability to read God’s Word. Literacy is a key component in sharing God’s Word and love for the world. For more information on our literacy programs click here. Read The Full Report On Our Literacy Program Provide A Christian With The Gift Of Literacy