Egypt: ‘How Can the Devil Defeat a Woman Who Is Equipped with the Word of God?’

May 9, 2018 by Brian in

In rural Egypt, when the call for prayer roars through the loudspeakers, the traditionally dressed Salafists—an ultra-conservative branch of Sunni Islam—walk to the village mosque.

But there’s another group of women not far from the mosque who walk, instead, to a classroom where Amany, a Christian field worker, is patiently waiting to share this week’s Bible lesson.

How can the devil defeat a woman who is equipped by the Word of God, whose heart was healed by the loving-kindness of Christ? A woman who is a beacon of love, joy and forgiveness?” Amany says.

Often seen as second-class citizens, Christian women in rural Egypt are sometimes harassed, mistreated and looked down on for their faith. But through your support, Open Doors is on the ground working with a group of women who are being transformed by the teaching of God’s Word—and it’s changing their lives, their families and their community.

At #17 on the 2018 World Watch List, life for Christians in Egypt comes with the constant threat of violence, oppression and hostility. ISIS continues to stage attacks in various parts of the country and radical imams regularly incite violence toward Christians, resulting in the deaths and injuries of many believers. 

“We learned how to pray and fast, how to love. All week long we wait for the Lord to work in our lives.  He is the God of peace and love, and we met Him in this group,” one woman shares.

“In this Bible study, we learned the true meaning of loving one another. I can’t live without this group,” another woman says.

God is showing the women of Egypt His love, and He is preparing those who are seen as the weakest in society to be a light in their dark surroundings. Through your gifts, fieldworkers like Amany are equipped with the resources they need to empower women with the gospel.

“It’s so thrilling to see the impact a committed Christian woman can have and how she can be a real blessing for her family and her community,” Amany says.


Open Doors is on the ground in more than 60 countries to meet the rising tide of Christian persecution. Join us and stand with them!

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