Egyptian Christian Blogger: Deja Vu in Tahrir Square

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in



A Christian blogger from Egypt describes how the recent unrest in his country reflects the events from nearly two years ago.

Political protests threaten to throw Egypt into violent upheaval once again.

The scene in Egypt stays vague and unpredictable, as chapters of the political drama unfold one after the other. Daily and even hourly developments indicate the fact that we are far away from stability and our long awaited political rest.

This past Tuesday, millions of Egyptians marched down the streets and squares of Egypt in large protests against President Mursi’s last announced decree giving him ultimate powers. Clearly they were even further opposing against his regime! In Tahrir Square on Tuesday afternoon, there were shouts calling for the fall of the regime!

Ironically, these are the very same shouts we heard two years ago when Egyptians of all political, social, religious and economic backgrounds revolted against Mubarak and his regime. The only difference this time is that Egyptians are now split into two major groups — each group is shouting against the other!

One group started a mega protest at Tahrir Square, the symbol of the Egyptian 2011 Revolution, calling for President Mursi to cancel his latest decree and dissolve the hotly debated Constituent Assembly. The Supreme Court judges, representing the highest judicial authority in the country, have joined this protest.

On the other side, the Islamist parties led by the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to get back to the square and arrange a big demonstration on Saturday, December 1, to support President Mursi in all that he says or does!  

The previously united Egyptians of the January 2011 revolution are divided today! This is sad, and very scary too!

Every day, the situation is heating up and a violent confrontation between the two groups could very possibly happen, even pushing us into anarchy. None of the more rational people in power seem to have any solution for this dilemma.

It is feeling like a thick, dark cloud is moving over Egypt, and the boat we are in is fighting high waves just to stay afloat!

Jesus, we know You are there, and only You can navigate our country to a safe shore!

Only You, Jesus!

 Join us in praying for our brothers and sisters in Egypt. Pray that the Lord would protect them during this time of unrest.

Be One With Them

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