Emergency Funds Needed For Iraqi Refugees

July 17, 2014 by Open Doors in ,

Christians Fled Iraq ISIS In the past two weeks, the Islamic extremist group ISIS has infiltrated Mosul and other cities in Iraq- forcing thousands of Christians to flee for their lives. This extremist group is set on exterminating Christianity from both Iraq and Syria. Thousands of Christians have been forced from their homes and even killed in Syria, and now, many of our brothers and sisters in Iraq are facing the same fate. Open Doors is on the ground helping these Christian refugees. Through medical aid, food, water, shelter and other lifesaving programs, Open Doors is fighting to keep these brave Christians alive. We need your help to raise $66,000.00 in order to meet the current growing need, and to help keep Iraqi Christians alive. Please join with us in providing your most generous gift today. On behalf of our brothers and sisters in Iraq, we thank you for standing with them in their most crucial time of need. Open Doors

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