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May 5, 2014 by Open Doors in

Facebook Esther is a widowed mother of six in northern Nigeria. Her husband, who was the family’s main provider, was killed by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haraman extremist group that is located primarily in Northern Nigeria, and she has struggled to make ends meet for her family ever since. Noreen is a 24 year old Christian from Pakistan. Many women her age marry Muslim men because they fear that a Christian man will not be able to provide for them. Christians in Pakistan are marginalized, and have been for generations, unable to access good jobs or education. Noreen has had a Muslim boyfriend for years, and is afraid to leave him, as she fears for her and her family’s safety if she does. Ji-woo recently escaped from North Korea to China. She fears being caught and sent back to her country. If she is caught, she will either face the death penalty or will be sentenced to life in prison. These are real women who face persecution for their faith in Jesus. And though these heartbreaking stories sound hopeless, God is doing an amazing work through partners like you! Esther received a microloan and was able to start a small tailoring business, specializing in women’s dresses. She is able to provide for her family through this business, and is even able to send her children to school. Noreen’s pastor was able to receive Christian leadership training, and helped Noreen and her family escape the dangerous situation that they were in. He is also helping women in his community receive literacy and job skills training. Ji-woo is now in a safe house for North Korean women who have escaped from the horrific conditions in their country. She is reaching out to other women who have escaped and is sharing the gospel message with them. When you give towards Women & Children Advancement, you are empowering women like Esther, Noreen and Ji-woo to stand strong in the face of persecution. Life changing programs like safe houses, literacy training and microloans are impacting the lives of countless women around the world. Thank you for joining with us to empower these brave Christian women! 14-jan-app-cta

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