The Enemy Is Shooting At Us!

December 13, 2013 by Open Doors in ,

Egypt Recently, Egyptian Christians feel like the Enemy is shooting at them because of ongoing and exhausting spiritual warfare. The tactics of the devil vary in nature and shape, but the outcome is always the same- to break the church down, and steal her testimony and peace granted by the Father. Two recent incidents manifest this fact. In October, there was a wedding of a young couple, who had anxiously awaited for the day to come. They eagerly stood together, facing each other to exchange vows and rings. The church of Virgin Mary, where the wedding service took place, is located northwest of the capital, in one of Cairo’s problematic and overpopulated districts. The wedding ended, and the couple was announced as husband and wife, and they walked down the aisle to the outside entrance of the church. As the happy bride and groom were making their way out, two masked attackers drove fast by the church, and opened fire on the crowd who had just come out of the church to greet the couple. Three women together with an 8 year old girl were instantly killed, and 17 other guests where severely injured and rushed to nearby hospitals; some of them were lying in critical condition. Fortunately, the newly married couple survived the attack- they stood alone amongst shattered flowers bouquets, pieces of broken widow class and a hysterically wailing crowd. There was another recent incident, though different in nature, that still qualifies as a fierce attack by the Enemy on the church. This time, the Enemy did not use masked attackers and bullets, but words! A 15 minute video of an Orthodox priest was widely circulated on various social internet networks. In this video, an Orthodox priest gave a belittling comment on an upcoming large evangelistic rally arranged by an Evangelical church. In his comment, the Orthodox priest instructed a group of youth attending his Bible study meeting not to attend the evangelical event. There is no doubt that the recent circulated comments of the Orthodox priest against the evangelical event is promoting division among the Christians of Egypt in such a time when the church is passing through difficult times of pressure and persecution. This is a time when unity and openness among different denominations has never been as urgent a need as it is today. Though these discouraging comments are not supported by the Orthodox Pope, the hidden spirit behind these comments reflects the undeniable fact that the Enemy is shooting at the spiritual unity of the Egyptian church, so we may get distracted away from the mighty purpose and divine plan God has for Egypt, and how He wants to use His church to implement that plan. From the pains and agonies caused by metal merciless bullets fired at innocent Christians of the last night’s wedding to the pains caused by the discouraging comments of the Coptic Orthodox priest, there is only one place where we can seek refuge and comfort- It’s at the Lord’s feet! Please join us as we lift up these Egyptian believers, and their current circumstances. Pray

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