Entire family refuses to deny Jesus—inspires renowned worship hymn

September 21, 2020 by Open Doors USA in Asia

In India, Hindu nationalists take the stance that to be Indian is to be Hindu. So any other faith, including and especially Christian, is to no longer be Indian. And the persecution is severe. Christians in India face increasing levels and frequency of attacks, often resulting in death.

Many of the country’s states have enacted anti-conversion laws that allow disruption of church services and harassing of worshipers, which makes it difficult for Christians to share their faith with others.

Our Indian family needs the prayers of the global church to stand strong in the midst of persecution, and to remain a light for Christ in the world’s second-most populated country.

In this video, one of our partners in India tells the story of a family in India who gave up everything for the gospel—refusing to deny Jesus in the face of their attackers to the very end. And, due to their faithfulness, God changed an entire community for the Kingdom—and a renowned Christian anthem was born.

Listen to this story and let it sink in deep. Let it remind you that nothing is more precious than Jesus. And let it spur you on to a more passionate, courageous and believing faith.

To learn more about India, visit our World Watch List page for a breakdown on the growing persecution trends, stories and prayer needs. 

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Stand with your Christian family in India

We believe Christian persecution is the issue of our time. Today, millions of believers around the world are suffering for our faith and they often feel alone and isolated. You can stand with them by providing Bibles, rebuilding churches and homes, emergency relief, trauma counseling, discipleship and so much more. If God is laying your persecuted brothers and sisters on your heart, we invite you to give a gift today.

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