Even Orphans Face Persecution…

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in



Today, I came across an article by Compass Direct News about the persecution of Christian orphans in India:

Hindu extremists in West Bengal, India who earlier this year refused to admit Christian orphans to a high school have forced them to contribute funds for idol worship in order to gain admission, sources said.

The conflict in Kharagpur, Paschim Medinipur, last month led the hard-line Hindus to throw stones at a Christian orphanage, shut it and other social programs down and threaten to arrest the head of the organization that operates them. The Rev. Dr. Subimal Dutta, director general of Ambassadors Service Society, which operates the Gilgal Children’s Home, said he faced the threats after opposing the collection of money for idol worship at government schools or government-aided schools. Dutta said that he has tried to stop school officials from collecting money from the Gilgal Children’s Home and from non-Hindu students at public schools for the “Puja subscription,” or idol worship fee.

Hindu extremists forced the Christian students to pay the fee for idols and warned Dutta that they would ransack the properties of the Society. On Sept. 9, the extremists stormed into the Society compound and warned Dutta to stop all Christian activities within seven days or that they would forcibly shut down the mission. They also sternly warned him that his life would be in danger if he involved police or any administrative officials.

Not only are they persecuted for their faith, but they are orphaned Children. I could not imagine the struggles an orphan must go through, but then to face persecution on top of it! The home of these children was attacked by their fellow villagers because they shared my faith, but not my freedom.

Stories like these break my heart. Stories like these cause me to pray. Stories like these remind me why I am One With Them.


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