Ever Wonder What Kind Of Aid Is Provided To Places Like Syria?

June 6, 2013 by Open Doors in

describe the image On Saturday, several of you joined with us in praying for Syria. Some of you have also joined with us in providing for the needs of displaced Christians in Syria and other nations. One of the ways we were able to help displaced Syrian Christians was by providing bags with food and other needed items. These bags included: -1 Thyme, (500 g) -1 Olive oil, (1,5 l) -1 Halawa, (500 g) -1 Tomato paste, (1 kg) -4 Chick peas (can) -4 Sardine (can) -1 Cheese pieces (24) -2 Apricot jam (500 g) -1 Tea (250 g) -1 Margarine (1 kg) -1 Beans (1 kg) -1 Lentils (1 kg) -2 Powder Milk -1 Detergent for clothes -2 Detergent for dish washing -3 Soap -1 Tissue box -3 Sponges for dish washing -12 Candles -2 Diapers (depending the age of the children) It is pretty amazing to think about the impact your gifts had the lives of so many displaced believers! As I look at the items on this list, I begin to realize more and more what it would be like to be driven from my home and left with absolutely nothing. I can only imagine how much essential items like soap and candles would mean to me! Your gifts have not only provided for the physical needs of displaced believers, but have also reminded them that the Body of Christ throughout the world cares for them! They know that other Christians are not only aware of their current situation, but are also praying and providing for them as well! So thank you for how you have provided for these Christians, through both prayer and support. Thank you for being One With Them!

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