Evicted for Jesus in Mexico

May 6, 2022 by Tim Dustin in Persecution updates

Imagine if your community kicked you and your family out of your home and then your town because you refused to help organize a festival for a religion you didn’t follow. And you weren’t allowed to return for anything inside your house–your photos, your furniture, your clothes, kitchen utensils and food–everything you own.

It’s difficult to even think about this happening. But for three Christian families in Mexico, this injustice is their living nightmare.   

The families of Christian converts Eleuterio*, Jesús* and Dorian* were kicked out of their homes last October after Eleuterio refused to sign a document committing to coordinate the village’s religious festival’s activities. For the last year, they have been harassed and persecuted because of their faith. 

It’s been six months since their evictions, and all three families are still trying to recover everything they own.  

These believers were part of a small Protestant community. The town’s commissary refused to accept any offers to pay the regular fines for not helping organize the festival. Our local partner in the area shared: “The commissary took matters into their own hands and evicted the families from their homes.” The leader also announced a fine of 500 pesos (about $25) for any village resident who purchased anything from Eleuterio’s shop. 

The families are currently living in a community near their hometown, where they continue their legal battle to recover their possessions. So far, they have heard nothing from their local government about the issue. 

Stand with your family in prayer!

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Let’s pray for these three families—our Christian brothers and sistersthat God will bless them with His peace and patience during this trial, that they’ll find a community who offers support (instead of shame) and that they can recover their possessions swiftly and without incident.

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