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Faithful, Even To The Point Of Death

July 3, 2014 by Open Doors in

And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.
Philippians 2:8

Persecuted Christians and Martyrs

Christians around the world face great dangers for their faith. Some travel to remote villages they have never been to, without knowing if they will be warmly greeted or met with violence.

Jesus was the ultimate example of faithfulness. He sacrificed everything, giving His life so we might live. We know this was not the end, however, because He then proved His power over death itself. Many attempt to follow in His footsteps: risking it all and diving into the unknown.

For many, this risk does involve actually losing their lives, but some end up sacrificing everything. These believers prove Jesus is more precious than even life

These brothers and sisters gave their all. These are some of the documented Christians martyrs of 2013. We read these names with deep mourning, but also with great joy, knowing that while their earthly life ended, they began their heavenly one with the Father telling them, “Well done, good and faithful servant”.


  • Alicia Castilla (Colombia)
  • Shdha Elias (Iraq)
  • Sarah Mala & her daughter (Nigeria)
  • Pastor Hermino Sanchez Gomez (Mexico)
  • Ayyoub Fauzi Auyyoub Al Sheikh (Iraq)
  • Pastor Malang Yaw, Hpauya Doi Son Awng & Nhkum Bawk Naw (Myanmar)
  • Priest Don Jose Franisco Velez Echeverri (Colombia)
  • Mark Sapdi (India)


  • Pastor Mathayo Kachili (Tanzania)
  • Younas Masih (Pakistan)
  • Priest, Fr. Jose Flores Preciado (Mexico)
  • Pastor Ibrahim Makunyi & Abdi Welli (Kenya)
  • Roshan Masih (Pakistan)
  • Father Evarist Mushi (Tanzania)
  • Ahmed Ali Jimale (Somalia)
  • Michel Kayyal (Syria)
  • Condex Dexter (Philippines)


  • Sister Marie Emmanuel Helesbeux (Madagascar)
  • Ezzat Atallah (Libya)
  • Hoang Van Ngai (Also known as Vam Ngaij Vaj) (Vietnam)
  • Hassa Gulled (Somalia)
  • Zohair David (Syria)
  • Friar Thomas (Seminary Rector) (India)


  • Andrew Dunka, Kwage Shengel, Ciroman Shegel, Philip Danjuma, Nemene Gowak & Yakubu Sulhu (Nigeria)
  • Belay Gebrezgi Tekabo (Eritrea)
  • Allah Ditta (Pakistan)
  • Morqos Kamel, Victor Saad, Mansour Attia & Essam Tawadros (Egypt)
  • Bulus Buba, Ibrahim Bitrus, Samuel Bitrus, Issa Ngga, (Nigeria)
  • Ayuba Yuguda, Ijabani Wagai, Hiszikia Joseph, Uludili Thlimda, (Nigeria)
  • Zara Ijabani, Jesse Waida, Illuja Buti, Kwaji Buti, Mjigimutu (Nigeria)
  • Usumana, Mara Ijigil, Bulus Dogo Hwayah & Mallam Ayuba (Nigeria)
  • Fartun Omar (Kenya)
  • Koussou Kesse Anastasis ‘s grandson & Koussou Kesse Anastasis ‘s daughter-in-law (CAR)
  • Christian Boko Haraman extremist group that is located primarily in Northern Nigeria (Nigeria)
  • Pastor Milhala De Stefano (Italy)
  • Rev. Luka Bazigilia & Yohanna (Nigeria)


  • Yusef nsaan Hilal Milhail Rizk (Egypt)
  • Father Jose Antonio Bayona Valle (Colombia)
  • Pastor Solomon Uzor & Rev. Faye Parma Musa (Nigeria)
  • Sedky Sherif (Egypt)
  • Tapas Bin (India)
  • Toma Vongjen (Nigeria)
  • Salem Dawood Coco (Iraq)
  • Rev. Luka Bulus (Nigeria)
  • Cyril Yusuf Sa ad (Egypt)
  • Pastor (ECWA) (Nigeria)


  • Mariam (Syria)
  • Pastor Guy Banda (CAR)
  • Hassan Hurshe (Somalia)
  • Rev. Jacob Kwiza & Pastor David Usman (Nigeria)
  • Ifan Masih (Pakistan)
  • Pastor Claudio Martinez Morales (Mexico)
  • Deborah Mokzo (Nigeria)
  • Priest Nestor Dariuo Buendia (missing and feared dead)(Colombia)
  • Pastor in Bangui (CAR)
  • Father Francois Murad (Syria)
  • Assyria Jonah Peter (Iraq)
  • Pastor Barthelemy Bobissango (CAR)


  • Mina Haroan Abboud, Emil Naseemaroufeem,
  • Rasem Tawadrous Aqladios, Habib, Noush,
  • Reverend: Mina Abboud Sharobim & Nardin Louis Hanna (Egypt)
  • Rev Jaisankar (India)
  • Magdy Lamei (Egypt)
  • Pastor Guy Banda & Pastor Barthy Babissango (CAR)
  • Georgio Rabbat & Pamela Dekenmanji (Syria)
  • Dr. Jaishankar (India)
  • Pastor Arun Kanti Chakma (Bangladesh)
  • Father Ignacio Cortez Alvarez (Mexico)


  • Ravinash Perera & Nilantha Pushpakumara (Sri Lanka)
  • Wahid Jacob & Jessi Paulis Issa (Egypt)
  • Pastor Patrick Ndode (CAR)
  • Gamil Botros Soliman (Iraq)
  • Pastor Seraphin Barapas (CAR)


  • Fatuma Isak Elmi (Somalia)
  • Hani Sameer Kamel, Medhat Damian, Emad Damian & Iskandar Tus (Egypt)
  • Simone Dekandji (CAR)
  • Michelle Taalab, Anton Taalab, Sarkis Al Zgem & Ninar Odisho (Syria)
  • Waleed Saad Shaker & Nash’at Shenouda Ishaq (Libya)
  • Fr. Luis Bernardo Echeverry Chavarriaga & Fr. Htor Fabio Cabrera Morales (Colombia)


  • Baba Ayuba, Baba Bitrus & Baba Isa Biyabra (Nigeria)
  • Daniel Diaar (USA)
  • Magistrate Modeste Bria Martino (CAR)
  • Anugrag Gemethi (India)
  • Ala’a Adwar (Iraq)


  • Rony Kareem Rayes, Johnny Youash Hurmez, Steve Admon Youwarish, Jan Nabeel Joseph & Jonny Georges (Iraq)
  • Garos Bitrus, Nzang Bitrus, Davou Bitrus & Simon Magit (Nigeria)
  • Alessi Zama (CAR)
  • Pratap Nayak (India)
  • Pastor Raymond Doui, Pastor Elisha Zama & Pastor Jean-Louis Makamba (CAR)
  • Ihab Ghattas (Egypt)

Please take a moment to pray for the family members of those who were killed for their faith. Pray also for those who are currently facing great persecution for the name of Jesus. To find out more about what life is like for Christians in some of these nations, visit www.worldwatchlist.us


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