Fall of Berlin Wall should compel us to pray for ‘every North Korean’s hope’

November 9, 2019 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

As Germany celebrates 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of reunification, many North Koreans are wondering when that long-awaited day will come for Korea. The division of both Germany and Korea came in 1948, just days apart—but the two countries have followed very different paths since then.

A free North Korea, says Timothy*, a North Korean Christian now living in the UK, says, “is every North Korean’s hope.”

He believes that if the international community were to work with the many refugees who have escaped North Korea, we could pave the way towards a reunified Korea.

“The international community must regard North Korean escapees as important ‘game-changers,'” he says, noting the past words of Winfried Willem, Germany’s  former deputy minister of education: “[Germany] should have prepared the unification through those who escaped from East Germany.”

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“The international community should not neglect escapees,” Timothy says,  “as they could play take a significant part in creating international policy on North Korea and the Korean peninsula.”

While the question of future Korean unification remains unanswerable at the moment, Timothy says, the process will begin when a “spiritually ripe” moment arrives. Timothy reminds us of an important truth: “One thing I know is that the fate of the two Koreas is in God’s hands”—and not in the hands of Kim Jong-un and his regime. Though it may seem the fate of a nation rests in the ruling leader’s hands, Scripture and the fall of the Berlin Wall remind us that we serve an almighty, omniscient and omnipotent God.

North Korean believers, both inside and outside the country, say that God is preparing them for revival. One underground church leader shared with Open Doors a big vision for his country, the Korean peninsula—and all of Asia: “One day our country will be opened and reunited with South Korea. Then the North Korean and South Korean church will work together with our Chinese brothers and sisters to evangelize Asia.”

The anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Iron Curtain remind us that prayer moves seemingly unmovable mountains and unlocks what look to be chained doors. Millions of people were praying for God to move in the Soviet Union, just as millions are praying for a breakthrough in North Korea. Open Doors launched a prayer campaign that mobilized worldwide prayer for the believers behind the Iron Curtain. And God did what no one believed was possible.

Please don’t give up praying with us that one day this church leader’s vision will come to fruition in the Koreas. Until that day comes, will you commit to pray with us that God will strengthen our brothers and sisters in North Korea? Will you pray that He will continue to use Open Doors secret workers to bring them practical and spiritual support, such as food and Bibles—and that He will continue to work in unseen ways to raise up a priesthood of believers who will be ready to share the gospel—when God opens the doors?

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