Filipino Muslim meets Christ in dream, starts house church

July 20, 2022 by Noah Cassetto in Asia

Think back to when you first came to Christ. Whether it was in a church pew, listening to the radio, at an after-school club, or in a quiet time with the Lord, God can use whatever means necessary to get a hold of our hearts.

Ali*, a believer in the Southern Philippines, has a remarkable story. 

I come from a Muslim background. Christianity was never on my radar. Then one night, God met me in a dream, showing me a bright light and telling me to go to an unfamiliar building to me: a church. 

I woke up and began searching for the building. When I found it, a youth leader greeted me and invited me in to talk. The youth leader (also from a Muslim background) had no problem answering my questions about Christianity. Eventually, I began to get a clearer picture of Jesus, the Church and what Christianity is all about. God had led me to the answers I needed. 

I couldn’t ignore God’s call any longer, and I accepted Christ. But like all of us, I faced unique challenges to my faith. To return to my Muslim community as a converted Christian was very difficult—people called me “Christianized” and were disappointed in me for converting. I faced significant pressure to return to Islam. 

Angry at the way I was treated, I left the church and mocked Christianity. But I soon faced another challenge: my mother was dying. As the wind blew, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against me, I rediscovered my firm foundation on Christ.  

“When my mom was dying, I was shocked because I was calling on Isa Almasih (Jesus). My mother had accepted Christ before her death—her faith reminded me of God’s call. I returned to Christ, ready to serve Him once again. 

Today, I serve God with more zeal and courage than ever before. My faith has been reignited, and I lead a house church with my family, building up the Christians around us and always looking to spread the gospel. Later this year, I will be leading a group of believers like me who left Islam, passing on the lessons of Christianity I have learned.

Praise God for the story he is writing in our brother, Ali. 

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Lord, thank you for our brother, Ali. Thank you for the way you met him and were always waiting for him. We pray that he will continue to live passionately for you, steadfast in your love and confident in his faith. May you continue the good you have begun in him, until it is completed. Keep him and his family safe and give them the wisdom they need to lead more people to you. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration that his story has given us. In Jesus’ name, amen.