Fired for their faith in the Philippines

September 8, 2022 by Noah Cassetto in Asia

Tabari and Raf are believers from the southern Philippines. Fishing is a major source of income in this region, and Tabari and Raf are no exception; until recently, the two worked at a fish port. There was one problem: they were Christians and their boss was a hardliner Muslim. 

Recently, while Tabari was out making deliveries for the fish port, his coworkers found out that Raf was a Christian. Word got around quickly, and within a few minutes, Raf was being mocked and ridiculed by the group. The scene drew so much attention that the boss had to come and see what was going on. 

“You were a Muslim, but now you’re following Jesus,” observed the boss. This was true—Raf had converted to Christianity from Islam. Raf couldn’t deny his faith in Jesus, so he answered honestly: Yes, he was a Christian. Raf was fired immediately and asked to go home. 

When Tabari returned from his delivery, he was similarly interrogated by his boss. It didn’t take long before he was fired as well. 

The firing hurt both men. They had been good workers, diligently completing whatever assignment was asked of them. Now, they are left with nothing to supplement their meager fishing income.  

Despite the persecution, Tabari continues to praise the Lord. “We thank the Lord; even if we were fired, we are content because we know we have Jesus,” he said. “What I believe now is that whether we are rich or poor, if we do not have Jesus, life is extremely difficult.” 

Tabari and Raf had already lived the worst-case scenario: life without Jesus. Now that they are believers, they are confident that God will see them through these challenges. 

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Lord, thank you for our brothers, Tabari and Raf. Thank you that, even though they lost their jobs, you are their provider and their comfort. We ask that you would guide their paths back toward financial stability, that they would be able to find the income they need. We trust that you are looking out for them. In Jesus’ name, amen.