Former North Korean prisoner cries out: ‘Please pray for my people’

May 7, 2020 by Lindy Lowry in Asia

Recently, a former North Korean prisoner—your brother in Christ—shared his prayer for his people during the COVID-19 crisis. Open Doors was there to capture his heart and his voice.

In the No. 1 most dangerous country for Christians for 19 consecutive years, Christians are spied on, abused and imprisoned for their faith. Open Doors estimates that 50,000 secret believers live within the walls of of the country’s intricate prison system. Always in the news for the political actions and human rights violations of its regime, North Korea is has recently dominated the headlines with media conjecture over Kim Jong Un’s noticeable absence (he recently made a public appearance) and recent gunfire on South Korea from the demilitarized zone (DMZ).

And there is serious concern that a COVID-19 outbreak would lead to devastating results—in a country with little healthcare and dilapidated hospitals. So far, North Korea has yet to confirm any cases.

“I humbly request your prayers for the North Korean people—my people,” this former prisoner shares. “Pray for the vision to open the hearts to care for the people they lead, particularly the children and the elderly.”

In the video below, he cries out for his people, reading Psalm 130:1-2:

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