Freedom to Choose in Malaysia?

Can you imagine having your religious beliefs decided for you at a young age? Here in America, we have the opportunity to freely choose what religion we want to follow. However, in many countries this is not the case. Like in Sarawak, Malaysia, where Rooney Rebit was forced to convert to Islam at the age of 8, a decision made by his parents. Now, at age 41, he has been granted the ability to legally change his religion to Christian. Yet, as joyous as this moment is, it looks like the change may soon be reversed.

On April 22, the National Registration Department (NDR) filed an appeal against the decision allowing Rebit to change his religion. According to a constitutional rights lawyer, “Judges are abdicating their role to protect the freedom of religion in the Constitution. Every religious rights case, like the Allah case (where Christian weren’t allowed to use the word ‘God’ in publications), gets overturned in the highest courts (of Malaysia).”

Sarawak is the only state in Malaysia that currently allows anyone to convert from Islam. If the court decides to reverse Rebit’s case, they will essentially be outlawing anyone in Malaysia from converting to Christianity.

Join us in prayer for believers in Malaysia as they strive to stand strong in spite of increasing religious restrictions. Many of them are unaware of the government’s attempts to convert them to Islam. Also, pray for discernment and sound judgement as Sarawaka elects a new state government on May 7. Finally, pray for Rooney Rebit, that he would glorify the name of Jesus Christ – regardless of what religion is on his government-issued ID.

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