From Teacher of the Year to Forced Resignation- They Story of a Christian in Uzbekistan

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


Uzbekistan ranks as the 16th most difficult place to be a Christian on the Open Doors World Watch List. Churches live in fear of raids, termination of services, confiscation of literature, and the imposition of heavy fines, which are frequent and increasing. Church members face harassment, detention and arrest for holding private prayer meetings or possessing illegal literature.

Today, we received a prayer request from a Christian in this country:

My sister, who became a believer about 10 years ago, is very dedicated and committed to her job. She works as a teacher at the local middle school. In fact, she was chosen by the Department
of Education to receive the ‘”Teacher of the Year” award a couple of years ago. She was even featured in a few local newspaper articles for this achievement.

Today, she received a notification to visit her director’s office immediately. Her headmistress said that she had received a letter from the superior department requiring her to fire my sister from her job!

The headmistress and almost all of the teachers know that my sister is a believer. Knowing this, they respect her very much and say that she’s a very conscientious, hard worker!

Could you please pray that the Father would give us wisdom in this situation? We do not know what to do!

It is difficult to know if she should write a statement of resignation on her own or try to fight and protect her rights!

Thank you so much for praying for this persecuted Christian and all of our other persecuted brothers and sisters in Uzbekistan!


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