God Is Doing a Mighty Work Here!

February 24, 2017 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

The sky is always gray. Amir and his neighbors haven’t seen blue sky or the sun clearly for as long as they can remember — a constant reminder of the darkness their region has faced for many years now.

War has destroyed their city. All of the buildings around them are mere shells of what they once were. But Amir’s church still stands …

“Our church remains,” shares Amir. “And it seems we have been able to do more ministry in the midst of war than prior to it!”

Several locals from his part of the city come to the church to receive clothing, supplies and food. Other churches in the area have partnered in providing meals and sharing the gospel with the neighbors. And this practical help has opened the door to share the gospel!

“People are giving their lives to Christ, and we have had more requests for Bibles than ever before,” he shares. “God is doing a mighty work here!”

But with the rapid spread of the gospel comes increased attacks and persecution. Because these Christians are willing to boldly remain in this region as pillars of Christ’s light, they are in dire need of resources to keep them alive and further their gospel ministry.

When you serve our persecuted brothers and sisters through your gifts and prayers, it’s as if you’re actually standing with them, equipping them to live out their faith and the Great Commission in the face of severe persecution.