God Is Using You In Spite Of ISIS

March 9, 2016 by Open Doors in Middle East

You are answering God’s call, and many persecuted Christians are being saved as a result!

ISIS seems like an impossible force of evil to overcome. They continue to destroy the lives of thousands, and have even made their way into the West.

But God is using you to overcome evil with good in a mighty way!

Your gifts are having a ripple effect… impacting the lives of believers, who in turn are impacting the lives of many in their community.

“I am the last person who wants to leave Iraq,” shared one Iraqi Christian. “But I wasn’t sure if I would have a choice. My family and I could not live as refugees forever.”

Open Doors works with partner ministries to provide Christians like these with resources to start their own businesses. This particular Christian was able to open up a small market in Northern Iraq.

“Since being provided with the resources to help open this market, I have been able to have income again. This income allowed me to get my family out of the refugee camp and into a small apartment. It also pays for things we need each month, such as groceries. And now, I am able to remain in Iraq.”

When Christians like this shop owner are able to make their own income, they are able to remain in Iraq. And when they remain in Iraq, they are able to be the light of Christ to their neighbors.

But it takes a lot to have Christians start a self-sustaining business. That is why you are having such an important impact.

God is using your gifts to help fund vital programs like this. And when Christians are able to stay in their home countries, the gospel is able to reach more people, in spite of what ISIS is doing.

So thank you for continuing to stand with persecuted Christians for the long haul. Your donations are impacting countless lives!