God is Using You to Restore Christian Communities

June 9, 2016 by Open Doors in Bible and Gospel Advancement
Your faithfulness is strengthening Christian communities.
In countries like Iran, Syria and Pakistan, Christians are facing intense persecution — yet the gospel message is spreading! And you are helping to make it all happen.
Your gifts are supporting vital programs — the rebuilding of churches, socioeconomic relief for refugees, job skills training and many other initiatives — that restore persecuted Christian communities.
In Nigeria, an average of 5 churches are attacked each Sunday. Boko Haram is attempting to rid the country of Christianity. At the rate they are going, one might be tempted to think they’re succeeding.
When church buildings are damaged and their members devastated, your support is being used to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Boko Haram’s attempts to extinguish Christianity are in vain. The Church remains, and is reaching even extremists with the truth. “Once you join the group, it takes only the grace of God to come out of it,” says a former Boko Haram militant.
Meanwhile, in Iraq, because of ISIS, Christians are facing their second year as displaced people and refugees. But in their country as well, God is merciful to them and is using you to come to their aid. Some of these believers have lost everything. Thankfully, various projects continue to help feed, shelter, strengthen and support them..
“We are thankful that you have not forgotten us,” shares one Iraqi Christian. “We are reminded of God’s faithfulness.”
And these programs are made possible because of your faithful support.
In the most hostile nations, the gospel is spreading. These programs equip believers who are brave enough to remain — equipping them to not only survive, but to thrive.
These Christian communities are being restored by God, and the light of Christ continues to shine brightly in these nations.
Thank you for being used as an answer to their prayers. And thank you for providing for their needs, allowing them to reach their neighbors — even persecutors — with the gospel!